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Blob VB3 – an egg-shaped mobile office and shelter

By Adrian Prisca


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Designed by the Belgian architectural practice dmvA, this egg-shaped office which was dubbed as “Blob VB3” will redefine the concept of mobile offices. But the Blob VB3 is not only a mobile office, it can be also used as a shelter since it has a small bathroom, a number of niches and shelves for storage and it could come with many other goodies that would make it fit for living in as well, like a small kitchen.

Its look was obviously inspired from the hard-boiled egg while its white structure is mostly made from polyester, which could resist in any temperatures and weather conditions. This mobile office would look great as a house extension for anyone, especially if you want to blend business with pleasure and start working straight from your garden.

Another interesting feature of the Blob VB3 is that its front part can be opened  and it can function as a small porch or veranda. The guys from dmvA said this mobile office can be transported easily so you could probably take it anywhere you want to.

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