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Cowley Manor Is a fine Example Of British Sophistication

By Victor Baker


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Cowley Manor

A dreamy English countryside retreat, Cowley Manor allows you to enjoy and experience a unique touch of British sophistication that would otherwise be completely ignored. Surrounded by acres of rolling greens, scenic ponds, gardens, forests, and nestled next to a charming 700-year-old stone church, this picturesque manor could easily overwhelm your senses and imagination, while also keeping you busy – in a good way.

The idyllic countryside property also shows off natural springs bubbling up to form pocket-size lakes, where picnicking and swan gazing might be a good idea of spending your free time. Let’s not ignore the wonderful 700-year old Church of St. Mary’s, that’s a treat in itself.

Cowley Manor

Guests will be staying at the Cowley Manor within beautifully decorated rooms and suites, featuring handmade furniture and exquisite fabrics specially picked for this five star location. And did we mention the superb views you’ll get from your private terrace over the hotel’s gardens?

Every bedroom and bathroom is unique, but talking about them just isn’t enough; you’ll have to experience them by yourselves to understand and get the full picture. Potential guests may also be interested to know about the inn’s award-winning spa, built to be stunning and equally relaxing; also part of that spa we could count the two pools, each of them being totally worth a dip in.

Cowley Manor

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