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Corvette Z06 1953 Commemorative Edition LS6

By Adrian Prisca


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Following the Heirloom pedal edition and Junior 35MPH, the recently-crafted miniature versions of the 1953 Corvette, Advanced Automotive Technologies impressed everyone with a special edition of their 2001 Corvette Z06 with 1953 retro style. A similar event was expected in 2003, right on the occasion of Corvette’s 50 years of existence, but Chevy had let its fans down at the time.

This model is currently the “master” of all Corvettes home-worked so far. Based on the Corvette C5, only produced in a limited edition of 200 cars, only 7 of them had the privilege of being converted.

The visual characteristics of the car are more than glaring. The first you may notice is the stunning red paint, with shiny chrome tones on the front grille, alloy wheel-covers, door skirts, headlights and bumper fittings. The hood is painted in black, the tone traditionally being used for the interior. There are also a few contrasts, to make the car even more eye-catching: the meter hands, the seat belt clips and the head rests inner door skirts are also painted in red. The car is extremely spacious as well, with a 105-inch space for feet, while the luggage area at the rear of the vehicle is covered in fiberglass inlays.

Regarding performance, the car is powered by an LS1 generation III V8 that can develop 405 HP, but the fuel consumption of 28 miles to a gallon gives it a very low autonomy – though it probably won’t hurt much due to the fact that its purpose is to shine into everyone’s eyes. Another advantage is the high level of comfort, even at high rev.

This particular car has already run for 8,900 miles but its old beauty and style isn’t bruised at all. Its price tag, set at $69,000, is way under what it would value in our eyes.


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