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Confederate Motorcycles unleashed the FA-13 Combat Bomber

By Victor Baker


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Confederate Motorcycles FA-13 Combat Bomber

Confederate Motors, that rebellious crew that has taken the world by storm with their unique vision on motorcycles, are always looking to create the next best thing when it comes to the finest motorcycles around. Their latest project is the extremely limited-edition FA-13 Combat Bomber, a jaw dropping bike that’s going to be produced in just 13 units, as its name implies, giving roads around the world a run for their money – does that sound right?

Aiming to be one of the worlds’ most outrageous motorcycles, this beast is handcrafted at the company’s headquarters in Birmingham. The FA-13 Combat Bomber is aggressive, to say the least, thanks to its military-spec billet construction, stealth-matte anodized finish and probably the sound of the engine – or so I hear.

Confederate Motorcycles FA-13 Combat Bomber

Looking like a functional work of art, this motorcycle seems to remind us of the 1970s, when the great American muscle bike ruled the Earth, but this beast comes packed with modern technologies and features an eye catching stealth look. So, if you think about bore/stroke ratio, a world leading low RPM torque, long push rods and air-cooled simplicity, feel free to contact the manufacturer and offer them a ton of money for this bike.

It is worth it, but you will need to hurry up as only nine FA-13 Combat Bombers are still up for grabs. We’re pretty sure these bikes will be sold out in just a few weeks.

Confederate Motorcycles FA-13 Combat Bomber

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