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La Femme Prada & L’Homme Prada L’Eau Join An Exclusive Family

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La Femme Prada

Introduced last year with a fragrant pair which included the tuberose-based La Femme Prada and the iris-centered Homme Prada, the amazing line of Prada perfumes for women got even bigger this year. A few months ago, the Italian luxury fashion house revealed the amped-up compositions of La Femme Prada Intense and L’Homme Prada Intense, and we only had to wait until this fall to get two new additions.

Dubbed as La Femme Prada L’Eau and L’Homme Prada L’Eau, the blissful scents before you are all set to make the transition to the cold season a wonderful adventure, with exotic notes beautifully mixed together. But let’s see what they both bring new to the table..

La Femme Prada

La Femme Prada L’Eau was designed to challenge conventions, boasting with freshness thanks to Tuberose, enriched with green facets of frangipani, ylang-ylang, and mandarin essence. On the other hand, L’Homme Prada L’Eau, explores the links between the polar opposites of fresh and intense aromas, with notes of amber and iris, mixed with red ginger and neroli. Please note that each of these perfumes is available as 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette.

The woman’s bottle and packaging are decorated with leather in a light dirty pink, while the masculine version shows off a royal light blue color. Unfortunately there’s no word out there on how much do they cost yet, but this olfactory pleasure will be surely worth every single penny.

La Femme Prada

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