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Classic Revigliasco Villa Could Be Yours For Just €3.2M

By Victor Baker


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Revigliasco Villa

Nestled in a small Italian village called Revigliasco, just a few kilometers minute of Turin, this charming villa is an incredible example of Italian architecture and style. Dating back to the 17th century, this fascinating property once belonged to Count della Roccia di Quoise, and comprises a gorgeous 650 square-meter main home, as well as the housekeeper’s house, an Italian garden that benefits from Gabetti Isola’s very special touch, and a baroque chapel that was built in 1668.

Will all that in mind, the fact that this mind blowing property is listed for just €3,2-million should get you more than excited. The villa’s beautiful internal courtyard makes anyone arriving here feel like they’ve traveled back in time, but that doesn’t necessarily mean this home is not appealing, modern and comfortable.

Revigliasco Villa
Divided over three levels, the main house features two living rooms, a studio, a dining room, a furnished and luminous kitchen and two bathrooms – that’s only for the ground level. The first floor is where this property’s new owners will find the master bedroom, with a walk-in closet and an en-suite bathroom.

A terrace leads to an intimate boudoir, while the views of the courtyard and the garden act as a welcomed and probably seductive bonus. Also worth mentioning are the three large bedrooms, with en-suite bathrooms and walk-in closets as well, while the second floor is still in need of some TLC. Anyone needs a project to keep them busy, but how many can call suc an incredible property home?

Revigliasco Villa

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