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Christian Louboutin Christmas trees by studio XAG

By Adrian Prisca


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It seems like for Christian Louboutin, the hue of the winter is not solely white, but combinations of it with red, off-whites and cream. Most of Christian Louboutin’s clientele will also be amazed by these choices of tones, as the designer’s holiday season decorator, London-based Studio XAG, designed a couple of staggering red sole trees, which are to be displayed at the windows of his boutiques in New York, Geneva and Paris.

The main features behind these intriguing decorations are the French designer’s “pigalle” and his iconic, high-gloss red soles. In fact, the entire structure of the tree is based on these. Each rotatable tree has been created by the placement of the soles in concentric levels, conferring their cone shapes. There’s also a tonal metalwork involved here, structures that remind of the shoe racks which display the designer’s creations in his private atelier, in Paris.

The dynamicity of the trees is also one pretty important factor, each and every one of them being fully rotatable, alongside being encased by a triple mirror screen which draws focus towards the master product, a shoe that sits atop the tree.


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