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The wonderful Grace Hotel in Santorini, Greece

By Adrian Prisca


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The Grace hotel, one of the best places to say whenever you visit Greece, is a five star luxury boutique hotel, part of the similarly appointed fabled hotel chain. Its name goes especially nice with the landscapes of the southernmost island of the Cyclades Archipelago, the Island of Santorini.

Standing upon a white and blue background, Greek’s Grace is located in the idyllic village of Imervigli, above an ancient deep basin crated from a sunken volcano, known as the Caldera, 2 kilometers away from Fira, the capital city of the archipelago, and 8 to 10 km away from the closest airports.

A superb rock formation topped by some Venetian castle ruins faces the hotel – the Skaros. The hotel provides also one off panoramas over the Aegean Sea and the Cyclades, alongside a particularly private and tranquil atmosphere.

The unique history of the island involves extensive volcanic activity, which has helped creating this wonderful landscape that Grace Hotel now stands on. In terms of amenities, the story all of a sudden gets even more interesting – the hotel boasts with one of a kind beaches, black ones, which are quite unusual.

In addition, the hotel boasts two infinity swimming pools, perfectly fit for even the most discerning of tastes. The monochromatic interiors, on the other hand, are superbly simple, based on white palettes, a style that nicely characterizes the island.


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