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XGOLF Golf Simulators – a unique golfing experience

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There’s another exclusive golf simulator now on the market, coming from one of the most renowned brands in the field – X-Golf. The brand has reportedly sold in excess of 3,000 systems throughout the world, all packing state of the art technology. Their latest achievement puts together an instructional system, club-fitting and a top notch golf simulator, all embodied in a superb design, boasting high durability and providing indoor golfing experience.

The X-Golf Simulator, as they dubbed it, was designed to bring the game of gold inside your private home. It is also said to pack way better technology than other simulators, analyzing and providing info on the player’s swing, while at the same time featuring the XPLATE, Variable Lie Positioning Plate, and the XBALL, Intelligent Ball Teeing.

In order to provide the best indoor golf experience, the specialists at X-Golf have used a plethora of optical sensors in order to capture and imitate every possible move or shot the player can execute in reality. These sensors are able to capture up to a million data points per second while an especially developed, high performance software recalculates and analyzes the simulation equation at around 6,000 times per second.

This is why the X-Golf Simulator is able to recreate the real environment and the actual moves of the player, the flight of the ball, bounce and even roll characteristics, alongside detailed information on the shot, weight-shift analysis, data analysis and video analysis.

As for the two exclusive features, the XPLATE is able to detect ground slope, automatically regulating the slope where the golfer stands, increasing the realistic factor. The same slope can also be manually adjusted in case the player wants to try all sorts of shots, like side hill lie shots, uphill or downhill shots. The XBALL on the other hand gathers the balls, puts them on the tee before the shot and provides data on the height of the tee, at each shot.

The price of such a toy is quite hefty to be honest, between $43,000 and $58,000. The contraption is packaged with a catalogue of the best 93 golf courses available, alongside variable lie emulation, auto tee system and realistic simulation power. And all these will happen indoors!

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