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Chopard Joins The Cannes Film Festival Celebrations

Chopard cannes film festival perfumes

Renowned for its dazzling jewelry creations and exceptional watches, Chopard became one of the newest players in the field of exclusive perfume concepts this year. The Swiss brand joined the Cannes Film Festival celebrations by revealing an exquisite perfume collection dedicated to successful actors and actresses.

In honor of the 70th anniversary of this iconic film festival, four new fragrances were released, reminiscent of the beauty and exclusivity that comes with the company’s unique jewelry pieces. The Chopard gold-plated stoppers look like polished mini-pedestals, and the image of the Palm d’Or adorns each of the fragrance boxes.

Chopard cannes film festival perfumes

Chopard teamed up with another Swiss company called Firmenich to imagine these special fragrances called: Magnolia Au Vetiver du Haiti, Vetiver Haiti Au The Vert, Vanille de Madagascar and Neroli a la Cardamome du Guatemala – signed by two famous perfumers, Nathalie Lorson and Alberto Morillas.

The most interesting fragrances to us are Vetiver d’Haiti Au The Vert and Neroli a la Cardamome du Guatemala, two scents that are completely different, yet they achieve the same results – teasing our senses in the best way possible. The first is somewhat discreet, with a fresh start, followed by a dusty finish, while the second one is a floral and green fragrance, a beautiful mix of orange tree flowers.

Chopard cannes film festival perfumes


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