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Carbon Fiber Stormtroopers for Star Wars Fans

By Adrian Prisca


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Are you a fan of Star Wars that would pay any cost to live a few seconds from the movie? Or a simple guy that gets bored easily and wants to taste a bit of sci-fi? Leonard Carson has assembled the Stormtrooper team, from San Diego Composites. The main purpose of the company is far away from what these guys have done.

The boss has simply allowed them to build their own Imperial trooper suites, with the available tools and accessories. Four engineers have worked on these sets: Daniel Avina, Jon Blackler, Leonard Carson and Kevin Proum. They have put their ideas to practice, building these light-weight suites entirely of carbon fiber, using the materials provided at their workplace.

They seriously look mean and ready to fight intergalactic forces. Of course the materials and process has cost a small fortune, and they were up difficulties, but what came out of their hands can only be added a high score for originality and far out. Who knows? Maybe one day they might start producing these things.


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