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Capella Marigot Bay, St. Lucia, is the Next Best Thing to Heaven

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Capella Marigot Bay

A spectacular bay on the blissful Caribbean island of St. Lucia is the place where you’ll find the incredible Capella Marigot resort, offering travelers from all over the world a new meaning to the word unforgettable. From sublime accommodations, a gorgeous spa and fine French dining, to its awe-inspiring views and sunsets and even a cool place where your luxury yacht could rest, this mesmerizing resort has it all.

Capella Hotels and Resorts are well-known for their hospitality and unique travel experience, and this beautiful bay, described by legendary American author James A. Michener as “the most beautiful in the Caribbean”, seems to be the best place to put said statement to the test. Obviously, since this resort is nestled in the Caribbean, snorkeling, diving, surfing and many other goodies are all part of the day to day activities on location.

Capella Marigot Bay

Apart from the aforementioned details, authentic Saint Lucian culture, cuisine, and traditions should be more than enough to seduce anyone who visits this gorgeous boutique resort. Staying in is always an option here, with rooms and suites looking stylish and modern, with slate-tiled bathrooms and fully-equipped kitchens to help you feel just like you’re at home or even better.

With that in mind, the five-star resort also provides guests with king-size beds and in-room Jacuzzis. Dining sounds lovely here, yet making a choice becomes difficult considering the wide array of options at Capella Marigot Bay, with a charming restaurant, a bakery and three lovely bars, offering panoramic views of the bay.

Regardless of your choice, the resort’s Auriga Spa will prove to be the perfect ending to an incredible evening. Or you could just relax in one of the three outdoor pools or take a romantic walk on the beach as the sun sets.

Capella Marigot Bay

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