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Burberry imagines the T7 Gold Edition Bluetooth speaker

By Victor Baker


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T7 Gold Edition Bluetooth speaker

Portable speakers are no longer an innovative piece of technology; they have become a normal part of our lives nowadays, challenged only by the super efficient and increasingly stylish headphones. But more people can play the game, and Burberry has decided to surprise us all by designing the gorgeous T7 Gold Edition Bluetooth speaker.

Sleek and minimalist, this chic portable speaker has been actually built by Bowers and Wilkins after being contacted by the renowned British luxury brand. The stylish music dispenser will deliver up to 18 hours of continuous playback via Bluetooth, which is more than enough in our books.

T7 Gold Edition Bluetooth speaker

The compact device shows off all the eccentric design notes we’ve been accustomed to see from Burberry, such as a limited-edition bespoke leather case, golden touches and amazing little finishes. Available in black embossed bridle leather or tan suede, with a gold Burberry logo on it, the case of this speaker will not reveal this stylish object’s true nature.

Burberry and Bowers and Wilkins have created a speaker that will be sold only in stores across Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai – with just 200 units being available for purchase. You’d better hurry up, if you plan to enjoy your favorite tunes on the T7 Gold Edition Bluetooth, while staying stylish and deceiving everyone around you.

T7 Gold Edition Bluetooth speaker

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