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Buben & Zorweg Grand Connoisseur Cigar Humidor

By Adrian Prisca


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Buben & Zorweg are back with another lovely creation, the Grand Connoisseur Cigar Humidor, a perfect closet for your finest cigars with many functionalities and an amazing design. The humidor has been built with technology which maintains the best conditions inside the closet and even accentuates the delicate flavor of your cigars when you light them up later.

Sensitive sensors with timers and moisture controllers work together to make your that every cigar stored will never face an imbalance of conditions with an accuracy of 1 to 2%. The moisture level is maintained by 4 anti septic sponges which help in the moisture level management while the ventilator keeps the airflow going.

This bespoke cigar closet is made of Cedar Wood, also known for its flavor preserving properties. The Grand Connoisseur Cigar Humidor has a capacity of 1,000 cigars and, apart from the fine German technology, it also features a hand finished Maccasar with a semi glass finish.

The closet weights around 100 kg but it could be placed in probably any room because it’s beautiful design makes any room a lot more interesting and classy.


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