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BruderX EXP 6 is the Luxury Off-Road Camper of Your Dreams

By Victor Baker


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BruderX EXP 6

Standing before you is one of the most awesome examples of a camping trailer. Rugged on the outside and refined on the inside, the BruderX EXP 6 offers the possibility to go camping, while still enjoying luxury and high standards of living. This beautiful camper is robust and ready to tackle anything, sitting on a galvanized chassis built to hold up to 11 times its weight.

High-density rubber absorption mounts sit between its body and chassis, isolating the composite shell from any vibrations and allowing travelers to experience a tranquil ride and ambiance. Packing a multi-link air suspension, completely adjustable thanks to a dedicated smartphone app, the EXP 6 will always be prepared for any destination or road.

This thing even includes its own snorkel system, drawing in and filtering the air, but the real surprise comes in the back, as the tailgate pops open to reveal an entry door that’s reminiscent of Sci-Fi movies.

BruderX EXP 6

On the inside, everything looks clean and sophisticated, with up to four people welcomed to experience this unique camper. But future owners of this beauty may also add extra suspended bunk beds and expand the size of the sofa bed for a total of up to six people. Yes, there is also a sofa area, complemented by a table and a LED HD television, while the corner bathroom houses a toilet, shower, plus a drop-down washbasin, and more. This looks more like a hotel room than a camper if you ask us.

The kitchen has been equipped with a stainless steel sink and a diesel cooktop, plus a small fridge and an additional countertop. The list continues. with additional hardware comprising a fully electrical system, with a roof-mounted solar inverter, hot running water, interior and exterior LED lighting, multiple USB and power outlets, as well as plenty of storage cabinets for your baggage and personal effects.

The BruderX EXP 6 is dreamy for more reasons than one, and since it can be set up quickly, with the top and rear hatches opening electronically, anyone may enjoy it. Time to hit the road!

BruderX EXP 6


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