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Blue World Voyages will be the First Sports and Wellness Cruise Ship Ever

By Vlad Craciun


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The newly created cruise line Blue World Voyages aims to change the way we look at cruises from now on. It will break the widely spread stereotype of excess and opulence, especially when it comes to food and activities on cruise ships. Launching in 2021, Blue World Voyages will be the world’s first cruise line that will promote an active, athletic and healthy lifestyle while you’re away at sea.

The ship will have room for 525 guests who want to combine active travel experiences and a healthy lifestyle in the best way possible, with an entire deck dedicated to sports, exercise and wellness. The deck will be fully equipped with a state of the art training center, golf and soccer simulators, yoga, spinning and TRX studios.

There will also be a second deck for everything related to spa, relaxation and rejuvenation, boasting a relaxing therapy tub, indoor and outdoor treatment rooms and a solarium. Included as well will be three pools and a seawater lap pool lowered into the ocean, active when the ship is docked.

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For even more outdoor adventures, the ship will be able to access ports that the larger cruise ships cannot, thus allowing guests to explore unspoiled reefs, hidden waterfalls or secluded hiking and biking trails. There’s promises about snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking, kayaking, golfing, biking, running while on land.

When it will be launched in 2021, the ship will also offer 40 luxury one or two-room residences, for those who want to live at sea. And when we say live at sea, it means they can actually purchase the residences, with costs of $2.2 million for the one-room residences and $3.1 million for the two-room. You could get a cool apartment in the heart of Manhattan for that price though.

Blue World Voyages will have its inaugural tour in the Mediterranean, visiting locations such as Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Portugal, Corsica and Croatia.

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