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Bespoke Parmigiani Transforma Chronograph Watch

By Adrian Prisca


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Innovation and uniqueness are not easy to achieve, especially when talking about the timekeeping industry. It is quite obvious why many watchmakers prefer the conventional and effectiveness above the two aforementioned characteristics. There are a few brands, though, willing to bring some new stuff into this exquisitely fine art and to please even the most discerning customers.

Here are some names that entirely match the afore statement – the Patek Philippe minute repeater perpetual calendar tourbillon with red and black dial, the Vacheron Constantin Philosophia, the Parmigiani Fleurier and many more. Concerning the last one – the brand has recently unveiled a staggering customization for a German customer from Cologne.

The model, a Transforma, is a very special sort of timepiece which can be easily converted from a wristwatch to a standalone pocket watch or even a table clock. The 3 in 1 piece was superbly finished with really special tones on the dial, according to Parmigiani, tones that have been demanded by the customer. The model is extremely exclusive, just like the overall nature of such pieces. They are extremely hard to spot in public due to this.


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