Bentley Joins Forces With Pantone To Create Two Vivid Continental GTs

Bentley & Pantone

Bentley & Pantone took on an interesting challenge, and worked their magic on two Continental GT vehicles. The luxury car manufacturer and the global color authority finished off these two V8 convertibles in the 2016 Pantone colors of the year: Rose Quartz and Serenity.

These beautiful hues have been already featured on anything from fashion and beauty products to home decorations, and now they’ve made their way onto bespoke cars as well. Serving as an expression of a mood and attitude, these cars celebrate the reopening of Bentley’s flagship dealership in Frankfurt, Germany.

Bentley & Pantone

According to Pantone their involvement is focused around a color snapshot for the year of 2016. The modern and sophisticated Bentley GT seems to be interesting and fashionable enough for the brand to adorn it with their shades.

Moreover, the new Bentley Continental GT V8 convertible also features first-time design features, such as a completely redesigned front spoiler and rear diffuser while the interior boasts a stylish atmosphere and incredible attention to details.

Let’s not talk gender and color preferences, and simply focus on these exquisite vehicles; unfortunately, we can’t tell you if these particular ones are unique, part of a limited series or if they’re even for sale, but we’re sure you can always paint your ride in any of these colors.

Bentley & Pantone