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Florida’s Wonderful Seagate Hotel is Perfect for this Summer

Seagate Hotel

In case you haven’t decided yet where you’re going to spend the last weeks of summer, a small vacation to Florida might be just what the doctor ordered as well. Part of Miami’s metropolitan area, the beautiful coastal town of Delray Beach is our recommendation today, and the Seagate Hotel here is probably the best place to enjoy those bright sunny days and the wonderful ocean breeze.

This charming 5-star hotel seems to blend in with its incredible surroundings, featuring a beach-chic, white and tan exterior that gives us a hint about the laid-back atmosphere inside. The Seagate Hotel boasts 154 welcoming rooms and suites, with warm interiors where classic details are beautifully mixed with modern touches, complemented by an infinity pool and some of the most serene views you could ever imagine.

Seagate Hotel

But if you ask us, the biggest attraction of this amazing hotel is its world-class spa, which will tease and spoil all your senses with full body and facial treatments, Vichy showers, private treatment rooms and even a hot yoga studio. If that sounds almost dreamy, it’s because it is.

We should also mention that a visit to the hotel’s Atlantic Grille will allow you to savor bold flavors, seafood and an all-around sublime atmosphere and if you fancy the idea of playing golf to relax a little, the Seagate Country Club houses one of the finest private golf courses in the entire Palm Beach County. Good choice, right?

Seagate Hotel


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