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Beautiful Residence in South Africa

By Adrian Prisca


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Beautiful Residence South Africa

This stylish residence located in South Africa, in a small urban settlement, was designed by architects Werner van der Meulen with a lovely exterior that will charm anyone who gawks at this home for a couple of minutes. The lovely exterior architecture is enough to demonstrate this home’s originality.

Floor to ceiling windows bring natural light to almost every corner of the home and also provide great views for the home’s occupants. The indoor-outdoor connection is optimized without affecting the privacy of the inhabitants and the horizontal window shields made of wood further enhance the home’s charm and personalized look.

Outside, water is the key element for a relaxing outdoor space and aside from a lovely pool which is complimented by a dining area, the residence also has several small “oases”. The modern design of the exterior is continued inside the home where the design is highly modern with a lot of glass, beautiful contemporary furniture arrangements and details.


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