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Beats By Dre x Snarkitecture Matte White Headphones

By Brody Patterson


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An unlikely collaboration between Beats and New York-based architecture firm Snarkitecture has yielded this elegant pair of limited edition headphones.

Its most striking feature is the ostentatious lack of striking features. Minimalistic in design, the product comes in pure white with a matte texture and as little in the way of branding as possible. All it really needs is the very recognizable Beats logo, in any case, to attest to its high quality without other elements to catch the eye.

The presentation is also along the same lines of minimalistic elegance and class. The headset comes on a softly crinkled, pure white pillow, which, as expected, takes the shape of the piece resting on it. But there’s a twist – the pillow is not what it seems. It’s actually made of cast marble, crafted so as to resemble a pillow with an object resting on it.

The headset will be available on the Beats website starting from June 9th, for the price of $600.

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