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Barr Al Jissah Is Oman’s Most Luxurious Offer

By Victor Baker


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Overlooking the calm Arabian Sea, Barr Al Jissah is Oman’s most luxurious and exclusive resort, and things become pretty clear as you travel towards this location. You can get here only by a chauffeured Bentley, or a yacht trip towards the resort’s private marina. Either way, you’ll be loving every minute of your trip here, and you should expect the arrival to be dramatic.

Nestled into the rugged folds of the Al Hajar Mountains, the resort includes a marina, a Shangri-La hotel, a private beach and a collection of extraordinary private homes, that could be your next vacation pads. The resort has recently released five additional villas and 11 town-homes, starting off at 1.5 million Omani Rials (US $3.89 million). A bargain, right?

Two-story villas are perched cliff-side, with over 7,400 square-feet of living space on offer, including double-height ceilings, SieMatic kitchens, marble floors and Jacuzzis in the bathroom, an outdoor terrace, and a private granite swimming pool.

And as we speak, private marina apartments are in development as well, set to overlook the Barr Al Jissa private marina. Barr Al Jissah homeowners will benefit from a three-year membership to the Shangri-La Resort and Spa and have access to all the amenities at the three on-site hotels.

Oman has all of the ingredients of a luxurious second-home destination, with warm, sunny winters, stunning beaches and mountains, and measured approach to development. Compared to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Oman offers a quiet and peaceful appeal, as the country welcomes you with empty beaches, expansive deserts, crystal clear waters and only a handful of luxury hotels.


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