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Take A Ride On The Wild Side With The 2017 Lazareth LM 847 Bike

Lazareth LM 847 Bike

We’re not sure what Bruce Wayne, a.k.a. ‘Batman’, is riding these days; we’ll have to wait for the upcoming Batman production to find that out. But the 2017 Lazareth LM 847 Bike seems to have been designed especially for him, if you ignore the striking red color touches.

This isn’t the most practical bike you’ve ever seen, but that’s not the point, as this bike was built to impress and drop jaws left and right. This marvelous piece of engineering features a duel-wheel hub center steering front end and duel back end wheels, complemented by nothing else than a powerful Maserati engine.

Is a V8 32-valve engine, developing 470 hp and 457 lb-ft of torque, good enough for you?

Lazareth LM 847 Bike

Bikers’ wildest dreams are made of such madness and with that kind of power on tap, there are no limits, except maybe for those of Physics. Burning up some asphalt in any gear at any speed will be no problem with this beast, although it’s interesting to know that the Lazareth LM 847 has a single-speed gearbox, with a hydraulic coupler and duel chain final drive.

That means no shifting is required, you just have to hold on for dear life and enjoy the high speed thrills. The price for one of these astonishing bikes is exactly $217,000, but we’re sure the experiences offered by the 2017 Lazareth LM 847 Bike are worth every single penny.

Lazareth LM 847 Bike


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