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The Barisieur Alarm Clock Wakes You Up with a Nice Cup of Coffee

For a lot of people, the worst part of the day is in the morning when they hear the alarm clock ringing and have to get up and go to school or to work. There is, however, a way to turn things around and instantly lift your spirits and that’s with a nice cup of joe. So British designer Joshua Renouf has thought up something that brings the two experiences together: a coffee-making alarm clock called the Barisieur.

It’s such a genius idea that we’re surprised nobody has actually released something like this before. There are plenty of products out there which try to force you to wake up in rather creative ways (clocks that fly, run around the room, or even spray you with water), but the Barisieur prefers the employ the carrot rather than the stick – in this case, the carrot being a hot cup of coffee.

One thing you have to know about the product is that you’ll have to prepare the beans, sugar, and milk the evening before. Also, the Barisieur isn’t available for purchase just yet, but when it will eventually hit the market it will be priced somewhere between $250 and $420.


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