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Priestmangoode Designs More Spacious Embraer E2 Jets

By Brody Patterson


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Priestmangoode is an established name in the world of aviation. The London-based design studio has collaborated with the likes of Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa and has recently unveiled a new single-aisle cabin concept designed to increase the space available on board the aircraft.

The aircraft in question is the Embraer E2 commercial jet, with the new design intended to benefit from Priestmangoode patent-pending passenger focused personal service units (PSU), which is where you find the seatbelt call button, light, air nozzle, oxygen mask, and fasten seatbelt sign. The idea is that, while most planes have a monolithic unit that spans all the seats in a cluster, making installation easier, while limiting the amount of space in the stowage area above it, Priestmangoode’s PSU offers more options as to how seats can be arranged, providing 40% more bin space.

The First Class seats are staggered, which means there’s a lot more leg while, and are positioned on the same seat tracks as the rest of the classes, allowing for customization.

All these improvements in design are certain to make quite a difference in the way passengers experience flight on board Embraer’s new airplanes. The first upgraded E2 jets will take to the skies in 2018.


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