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The Bandit9 L Concept is a Sci-Fi Masterpiece

Bandit9 L Concept

Fact or fiction? This is the question we usually ask ourselves every time we are faced with something that seems too good to be true. Daryl Villanueva, the founder and chief of design at Bandit9 says the brand’s latest motorycle is the “only thing that stands between fact and fiction in time”, and it seems there are many reasons for him to feel that way.

The Bandit9 L Concept a sci-fi masterpiece, a retro-futuristic marvel, showing off a minimalist design with a suspended turbine that will make you realize pretty fast that this is a functional work of art. Sculpted from stainless steel, this concept is defined by its unibody and suspended engine, that was inspired by the USS Enterprise reactor from the Star Trek series.


Bandit9 L Concept

This handcrafted wonder required more than 60 hours to complete, and even though it looks like a museum exhibit, this motorcycle is road-ready. That’s right, the Bandit9 L Concept packs flat dual shocks, a neat suspension system, as well as a small engine with a displacement of 125cc. The 4-speed manual transmission allows this bike to get to a decent 68.3 mph (110 km/h) top speed.

The maneuver controls are actually sculpted grips and levers chiseled from one piece of solid aluminum. These polished pieces don’t seem too good when it’s raining, but I’m sure no one would ever take this beauty out when it’s raining. The five high-powered, crystal white LEDs up front will light the way, while the rear brake light and turn signals complete the minimal overall design. What do you think about it?

Bandit9 L Concept


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