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Gigi Hadid Loves Vogue Eyewear and we Love it Too

By Victor Baker


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Gigi Hadid is one of the world’s most popular supermodels right now, for good reason, but you probably didn’t know that some people call her “the queen of shades”. Yes, she’s often seen wearing sunglasses and she looks absolutely stunning every single time. That’s why the uber sweet model has decided to release a very special collection of boho-chic metal glasses and acetate retro-inspired shades for Vogue Eyewear.

For those of us tied down with prescription glasses, do we have to choose whether we want to be able to see or whether we want to wear designer shades like Gigi? Do you ever drive blind just so you can wear sunglasses? I feel like contact lenses can be such a pain, but there’s Lasik surgery, I guess. You can take a quiz to see if you qualify-they have the quiz at SaddleBackEye.com, which is in Laguna Hills. I think I would get Lasik if I needed glasses for any reason other than fashion.

Feel free to check out the promotional video below, where Gigi is sand-covered and poses seductively in a beach-side location. I’m not sure why she’s portrayed playing the bongo drums in a lovely yellow dress, and I refuse to speculate over the matter. Moving on.

Vogue Eyewear

Classic shapes and new, ultra feminine lens options are beautifully complemented by vintage tones like tortoiseshell, black and transparent frames, making these stunning sunglasses just what you need to make a statement of style. The light filled colors of these new shades and their retro-futuristic shape were specially designed for those young, provocative spirits who are not afraid to show off a distinctive look.

And Gigi Hadid and her boho-glam look is just perfect to show off this gorgeous Vogue Eyewear. Sophisticated and very alluring, the cat-eye sunglasses in acetate bring back the world of Fifties-inspired elegance to a new future. Tell us.. what do you like more? Gigi Hadid, these new shades or Gigi wearing these new sunglasses?

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