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Audi Carbon Skis by Audi Concept Design Munich

Audi Carbon Skis 1

Audi Concept Design Munich has just developed a carbon fiber ski design which combines the best technology from cars and motorspots with winter sport knowledge. The Audi Carbon Skis are made of a wooden core with added layers of aluminum and titanium, all covered in a carbon case.

The carbon ski from Audi weights only 960 grams, which is around 200 grams less than other ski models. The lightweight construction makes them really agile and maneuverable, which means you can go as fast as you want even when you’re going through deep powder.

The Audi Carbon Skis were designed in collaboration with Head and the German Ski Association with outstanding  properties that will make them one of the best pair of skis on the market right now. The price and availability of these skis wasn’t announced yet but customers will probably pay quite a lot for this fine ultra light skis.



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