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MBL High-End Gold Plated CD Players

MBL High-End Gold Plated CD Players

MBL is an audio manufacturer pretty well known for their extreme speakers and audio units designed for the rich and famous and their latest creation, a luxurious CD player range, is just another example of their brilliant skills and ideas.

The new high end gold plated CD players from MBL feature an F-type D/A converter which pushes the analog performance to higher levels and defines a new standard for sound quality. The top of the line CD player, the 1611F comes with a pure 2-channel D/A converter with integrated noise shaping technology in closed loop architecture for a pure audio experience.

The other luxurious CD player from MBL’s new CD player range is the 1621A which features a die-cast aluminum frame and a spring mounted 17 lbs sub-chassis crafted from bras, aluminum and Terodem. This CD player boasts the same technical finesse with luxurious looks as the 1611F but it costs a bit less, being priced at $26,600.



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