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Aston Martin’s Tag Heuer Limited Edition DBS Superleggera is Uber Cool!

Aston Martin Tag Heuer Limited Edition DBS Superleggera

Aston Martin and Tag Heuer are long time Formula One partners, but these days they’ve decided to extend their collaboration beyond the boundaries of the famous sport and create something totally different. Instead of the usual Aston Martin-inspired watches, they’ve unveiled a stunning Aston Martin supercar inspired by the wonderful Tag Heuer watches.

But that couldn’t have been complete without a unique timepiece of its own, so you’d get both the car and a superb watch. The result of this unique collaboration is the limited edition DBS Superleggera dubbed the Tag Heuer Edition. There will only be a total number of 50 cars made, all of them painted in a Monaco Black with carbon fiber accents on the roof, spoiler, diffuser and mirror caps.

Aston Martin Tag Heuer Limited Edition DBS Superleggera

This limited-edition beauty will be equipped with high-end Pirelli P-Zero tires with awesome red sidewall accents to match the brakes.

The interior, wrapped in Alcantara leather, borrows the red accents as well, in the piping and stitching of the seats, on the sun visors, the instrument panel cover and in the center console. The red Tag Heuer logos will be embroidered in the seats, further enhancing the theme of red accents throughout the interior of the Superleggera.

There’s no information on the limited edition watch that is supposed to come with the car, as Tag Heuer hasn’t given any hints on it, but for sure it will match the exclusivity of the DBS Superleggera.

Aston Martin Tag Heuer Limited Edition DBS Superleggera


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