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Any Office Could Benefit From Tom Dixon’s Amazing Furniture Line

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Tom Dixon furniture

The renowned British designer Tom Dixon has recently introduced an impressive collection of bespoke furniture pieces, meant to make anyone want to reorganize and retouch their office space. Inspired by the idea of diminishing boundaries between workplace and home, Dixon came up with these functional and flexible pieces of art.

The designer’s first office furniture collection comprises a minimalist lamp and a wonderful workstation, reminiscent of the classic Victorian era. Also worth mentioning are the Boom desk light and the Slab School Desk, with Dixon’s existing Cube range of desk accessories having also been retouched for this new line.

Tom Dixon furniture

The entire collection was focused on extraordinary comfort, but aesthetic appeal hasn’t been forgotten either. For instance, an inkwell that has been re-purposed to be used as a cable management table, plus the grooves that are designed to hold pens, are just a few elements that will surely impress every guest you’ll have at the office.

Furthermore, a series of eye catching tables and chairs, with polished marble tops and metal bases, are also part of this collection, complementing the metallic zinc tape dispenser, stapler, desk tidy and pens wearing the Cube badge. Say what you will, but no one will believe that Tom Dixon’s collection is not to your liking.

Tom Dixon furniture


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