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Aladdin’s Flying Carpet Inspired this Wonderful $14,000 Chair

Flying Carpet chair

I’m not sure about you, but if someone would ask me $14,000 before sitting down on a chair, I would be very picky. It has to be something magical and this chair might actually do the trick for me.

Inspired by Aladdin’s Flying Carpet and imagined by Cypriot designer Stelios Mousarris, this chair is a thing of beauty, seemingly floating above the ground and grabbing everyone’s attention in the process.

Spoiler Alert: there is an explanation. Comprised of Persian carpets supported by a 6 mm steel frame that hides in plain sight, this chair is more of an engineering feet combined with an artistic vision than anything else.

Flying Carpet chair

Each of these bold statements of style have been handmade, with up to four months required to complete. It seems that Mousarris employed the help of artist Jan Blythe for this project and it’s also worth mentioning that a chair as elaborate or as simple as you can dream about, can be also specially created for you.

The most important piece of information is that each piece costs €12,000 ($14,089), making for one exclusive statement – ‘expensive’ is a matter of taste and debate. So, let’s focus on a more important question: how would your ‘flying carpet’ chair to look like?

Flying Carpet chair


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