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Ring Ring! The World’s Most Expensive Doorbell costs $100,000

By Victor Baker


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Ring Diamond Doorbell

If you’re one of those people who love to own nothing but the best and the most expensive things out there, you might want to pay attention right now. Your lavish home deserves the most expensive doorbell out there, and Ring, a company associated with video doorbells, has gone way beyond the limits and designed something that looks more like an outrageous and expensive jewel than anything else.

The limited edition doorbell before you has been coated with 98 grams worth of yellow gold and encrusted with 2,000 sapphires that amount to over 30 carats, while the brand name has been inscribed using diamonds, courtesy of the fine jewelers at Bijan.

Ring Diamond Doorbell

Sure, this doorbell also packs instant motion-activated alerts, HD video and a microphone and speakers, but it’s the aesthetic impact that has got us very excited – not to mention the toll it would have on your budget. Please note that only ten units of this diamond-encrusted doorbell have been created, and they each cost a cool $100,000.

Before you go crazy about that, you should be aware of the fact that some of the proceeds from the sales will go to charities who try to reduce crime by aiding former criminals as they re-enter society. Is that ironic or not?

Ring Diamond Doorbell

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