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All In Poker Table by Akke Functional Art

By Adrian Prisca


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You’ve probably heard of him, and of his contemporary furniture design studio, Akke Functional Art, immediately after he launched the Pingtuated Equilibripong retro table, a project which was supposed to serve as a reincarnation of the old world charm into a pink-pong set.

We’re talking about the famous designer Axel Yberg, who has recently manufactured the most expensive poker table in the world – the “All in”. The exquisite poker table has reportedly taken around 600 hours of manly hard work and features a surface superbly crafted from 15 species of exotic woods and a base crafted from gold-painted plumbing pipes, alongside Edison Reproduction Light Bulbs.

In case you’re interested, here are the 15 wood species the manufacturer has used to craft the surface of this state of the art poker table – live-edge Ash, Quarter-Sawn White Oak, Black Walnut, Catalpa, Cherry, Sycamore, Madagascar Ebony, Rosewood, Purple Heart, Zebra Wood, Wormy Maple, English Brown Oak, Quilted Maple, Claro Walnut and Black Locust.

There’s also a nice pattern concerning the vectors that bisect each of the angles present on the perimeter of the table – they are manufactured from Rosewood and Madagascar Ebony, while the colors, red and black, represent the suits in a deck of cards. The turntable drink holders carry the design as well, put together as a quadrant of Cherry and Black Walnut wood.

In addition, the table comprises 5 diamond-shaped cutouts at its center which are, in fact, an innuendo to the iconic Doyle Brunson and the WPT Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic.

If you’re looking forward to spending your poker time in front of an incredibly luxurious poker table, the “All in” is definitely the thing you seek. Priced at a whopping $75,000, it relentlessly deposes its entire competition. As a true poker fan, I’d love to play at one of these.


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