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Alexander McQueen 2013 Honeycomb Spring/Summer Collection

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Alexander McQueen has recently presented his Spring/Summer collection for women, with all the items it comprises based on the honeycomb theme. Born to catch the eyes, with a style that shouts opulence, the collection comprises a series of very useful feminine accessories which we find quite interesting. Therefore we’ll be taking them hand by hand.

The Mirror Patent Leather Honeycomb Heroine, apart from being astoundingly nominated, boasts a sleek look, with a honeycomb frame in black mirror patent with a short handle and a “structured silhouette built on an expandable body with use of two lateral vertical zips”. The name is not related to any drugs though, as Heroine means “actress” in Hindi. This piece costs a miserable $3,465.

The Gold Honeycomb Studded Punk Skull Box Clutch is also a notable party-piece, being perfectly garnished, with skulls, for any Halloween celebration. It comes with metallic gold- and pewter-finished leather alongside gold-finished hexagonal brass studs patterned to fit the honeycomb theme. The Gold Honeycomb Studded Punk Skull Box Clutch can be yours at $1,995. Each!

The next one in the collection is the Bee Embroidered Honeycomb Knuckle-box Clutch. This one has been dyed in black and embroidered with gold bees, also boasting Swarovski crystal rings and a Nappa-leather interior. Pretty expensive and superbly decked in gold, it costs $4,495.

The Antique Gold Crystal Honeycomb Choker is the most sparkling addition to Alexander McQueen’s Honeycomb Collection. The antique gold-finished brass honeycomb choker boasts multi-colored crystal detailing, while the manufacturers say its gold finish is anti-allergen. The choker can be purchased at $3,995.

Even though these accessories aren’t that common nowadays, hip bustiers may still serve as proofs of opulence and elegance. Alexander McQueen’s Black / Gold Bee Honeycomb Bombe Hip Bustier boasts with a gorgeous combination between gold and black silks, patterned to follow the theme of the collection. The bustier costs a mind-boggling $8,495 though!

And last but not the least is this gorgeous pair of sandals – the Glitter Honeycomb Leather Sandals. Finished in black and gold, this strappy accessory features the honeycomb pattern on the front panel, the 115 mm mid-height stiletto heel and double ankle straps. The sandals cost $1,260 a pair.


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