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Agilis Watch Winder by Kudoe Schli Matz

By Adrian Prisca


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Gigantis, the renowned watch winder designed by Kudoe Schli Matz, was a real mass-stirrer when it was presented to the public, thanks to its gorgeous looks and in-built entertainment system. The same manufacturer has now penned down and finished another watch winder, this time called the Agilis.

The Agilis boasts 12 individually programmable watch winders, all surrounding an integrated mechanical watch Collect. It can be used as a superb in-room piece of décor, featuring high-quality materials, luxurious appeal and uniqueness.

The apparatus comes with a Bluetooth-controllable in-built sound-system, high-gloss lacquered hardwood finishes and a dose of elegance that would easily make your home stand out. Though we haven’t yet come across the pricing for this fine device, we surely enjoyed it the first time we saw it.


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  1. Looking good, but the base looks a bit unstable…wouldn’t want that tipping over on the watch side thats for sure.

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