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Vizio unveils a massive XVT 3D Cinemawide TV

By Adrian Prisca


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The first thing we said when seeing this humongous gorgeous extraordinary device was: “Wow!” Movie enthusiasts will not only love this, but will surely become even more addicted. We’re talking about the XVT 3D Cinemawide TV, creation of Vizio. What a piece!

Featuring a 21:9 display, almost cinema-like, and 2560 x 1080 passive 3D HD format, this gadget would make a superb addition to our homes. The 72-inch 480Hz LCD is huge, allowing for a panorama rarely seen in home-TVs today. The anti-reflective display won’t allow any strange or foreign lights to disturb your view.

Furthermore, this TV doesn’t only have the pre-named purpose, but can also connect to the internet courtesy of some in-built apps. There are a lot of online services reachable via the XVT, such as Flicker, Netflix, Pandora, Twitter, Yahoo!, Facebook and Hulu Plus.

It’ll be available in shops later this year, in 3 different models, 50-inch, 58-inch and 72-inch, for prices that haven’t yet come to our ears. The remote-control that comes with the TV features a QWERTY keyboard.


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