A-Cero surprises us all with their Luxurious Mobile Home

Luxurious Mobile Home A-Cero

We’ve already featured a couple of stunning homes designed by the A-Cero architecture studio from Spain on our site but now they’re back with an even more interesting project. A-Cero has just decided to use their skills and design experience and created a comfortable and contemporary mobile home.

This luxurious mobile home was created for moving around in style but it has all the comfort needed to become anyone’s second home. The interior is really modern with furniture built from Corian – a material that plays with the usual vibrations of the moving truck to offer a pleasurable trip.

Another cool feature of this house on wheels is a mini garage which can shelter a small car in case you’re ready to leave this home and explore the small streets of a city or just… go sightseeing. The interior has beautiful lighting that underlines the modern shapes and further enhances the incredible travel experience.

This might be the dream home for RV lovers.