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Danish Yachts Reveals AeroCruiser 38 II Yacht

Danish Yachts has just revealed their latest creation, a stunning 38-meter carbon fiber superyacht called AeroCruiser 38 II which was inspired from the world of private aviation. Danish Yachts is a modern shipyard located in the North of Denmark and this new yacht was built to the highest standards of finish.

The Danish yacht builder collaborated with Lisa Airplanes to develop new projects and provide additional benefits to yacht owners and this new yacht is just as attractive as a jet fighter. The AeroCruiser 38 II Yacht has two jet drives powered by a pair of 4,750-horsepower MTU engines which will take it to a top speed of 52 knots.

The yacht was built only using quality craftsmanship and apart from being pretty powerful, it’s also environmentally friendly and it consumes less fuel thanks to it’s lightweight body. The modern exterior design is continued inside the yacht where everything is luxurious and only stylish materials were used.

The AeroCruiser 38 II Yacht was designed by Espen Oeino and it’s scheduled to hit the waters in early 2011.



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