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9 Incredible Jewerly Pieces And Collections Unveiled In 2016

By Victor Baker


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They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, that’s why men always go that extra mile to surprise them with the most precious accessories that would compliment their beauty. But fine craftsmanship and an incredible attention to the finest details will always come with a higher cost, and today you’ll have the privilege to look at some of the finest jewelry collections or one-off pieces unveiled in 2016. The question is: can you afford them?

9. Bvlgari’s Roman Sorbet

Bvlgari's Roman Sorbet

The famous Italian jewelry house of Bvlgari has unveiled a delightful collection earlier this year, called “Roman Sorbet”, to remind us of the good life. Dominated by our preference for sweetness, brilliant candy, brooches eskimo and horns with precious stones embedded in them, are just a few examples of what the famous brand has imagined.

Rings, pendants, and bracelets, all made out of white and pink gold, show off sapphires, tsavorite garnets, and amethysts, complemented by the most vibrant of colors which are almost sure to seduce all ladies. Anyone else going crazy for a cookie?

8. El Retiro Invierno by Carrera y Carrera

El Retiro Invierno

Trust this lovely little rabbit, the El Retiro Invierno Collection by Carrera y Carrera is one of the most spectacular collections of jewelry of 2016. Inspired by Madrid’s El Retiro park, these futuristic-looking jewelry pieces feature an unusual geometry imagined after Palacio de Cristal rising above the Retiro pond, which was in turn, influenced by the famous Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, London.

A strange chain of ‘responsibilities’, but one that ended up making our lives better, with this incredible jewelry collection from Carrera y Carrera.

7. New Signature de CHANEL

new Signature de CHANEL

The House of Chanel needs no introduction, and their new “Signature” collection will surely leave any of you breathless in just a couple of seconds. Comprising forty-eight new pieces mixing fluid lines, beautiful curves and volumes, the collection’s refined necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and watches are actually part of ten different themes.

White gold and diamonds are at the heart of this exquisite collection, with azure blue sapphires and aquamarines adding a touch of color to the new Signature de Chanel line. Mesmerizing.

6. Van Cleef & Arpels’ Bouton d’or Collection

Bouton d’or Collection

Inspired by the gorgeous “Paillette“ motif, that was created by the renowned French jewelry company Van Cleef & Arpels back in the late 1930s, the brand’s new Bouton d’Or collection features two sets of five jewels, each of them finished in either rose gold, Mother of Pearl, and carnelian.

Yellow gold, Onyx and chrysoprase pieces are also available, with the Paillette motif being a major part of the charm. It’s going to be somewhat difficult to leave the store without owning at least one of these stunning pieces, right?

5. CADAR’s TU Ring

TU Ring

The new fine jewelry collection from CADAR is topped by a real masterpiece called TU Ring, a beautiful creation that’s almost impossible to describe. A wonderful Art Nouveau expression, the TU Ring shows off a mesmerizing and well-balanced duality, impressing everyone with its unique design, precious metals and creativity.

Originally depicted as a gold and diamond folding jacket, with a platinum and diamond solitaire ring hidden inside, the TU Ring can be worn in a variety of ways, which makes it a must-have piece for every single lady who wants to have only the best things in life.

4. Piaget’s Sunny Side Of Life

Piaget Sunny Side Of Life

Swiss luxury watchmaker and jeweler Piaget has decided to impress us all with the Sunny Side Of Life this year, the company’s newest high jewelry collection. Inspired by a vibrant summer in Palm Springs, this charming jewelry collection has been introduced during the Paris Couture Week and it’s all about the good mood provided by the warm rays of sunshine.

Showing off intense colors, shimmering feathers, and flamboyant gold, Piaget is writing a new chapter in its history and eventually its legacy with this blissful collection.

3. Les Blés de Chanel

Les Blés de Chanel

Les Blés de Chanel contains bits and pieces meant to make everyone happy, with 62 high jewelry creations that show off the beautiful artisan designs of wheat. Diamonds, peridots, crystalline and aquamarines were combined together to mesmerize us with incredible constructions and visual effects, in an effort to shock and awe every single one of us.

The new jewelry collection by Chanel actually covers more seasons as well, as “Premiers Brins”, “Brins de Printemps” and “Brins de Diamants” pay homage to spring, although the harvest has not been forgotten either.

2. Cartier’s Magicien

Cartier's Magicien

The iconic French label has ruled over the fashion universe for decades and the launch of the brand’s new Haute Joaillerie collection focuses on the fascination, illusion, and alchemy of Cartier’s unique legacy and skillful handling of diamonds and sapphires.

The new jewelry collection by Cartier is made of The Magic of Light, with 8 superb jewelry pieces, Magic in Every design, featuring 7 models, and Otherworldly Magic, with 5 amazing creations. That’s what a real Magicien lady would love to wear to charm an entire audience.

1. Graff Princess Butterfly

Graff Princess Butterfly

After taking everyone by surprise at Baselworld 2016, the wonderful Graff Princess Butterfly has been released in select retail outlets all over the world just a few months ago. Graff’s designers, jewelers, and watchmakers have achieved the impossible with this incredible jewerly piece, designing a lifelike butterfly comprising 23.14 karats worth of tapered baguette – and brilliant-cut diamonds, with a tiny watch hidden inside.

This unique jewelry piece is an interesting mix of opulence and simple, natural beauty, with a graceful design which took hours and hours to build, hence the staggering $135,000 price tag.

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