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Cartier’s Magicien Will Get Anyone To Believe in Magic

Cartier's Magicien

Cartier is a name that needs no further introduction; the iconic French label has ruled over the fashion universe for decades, and their unbelievable creations seem to have a supernatural power over the minds and feelings of every single lady out there, something that will become obvious once again with the launch of the brand’s new Haute Joaillerie collection.

Dubbed as “Magicien” or “Wizard”, if you’d really like that translated to English, this incredible collection focuses on the fascination, illusion, and alchemy of Cartier’s legacy and skillful handling of diamonds and sapphires. The new jewelry collection is made of The Magic of Light, with 8 superb jewelry pieces, Magic in every design, featuring 7 models, and Otherwordly Magic, with 5 amazing creations.

With the Cartier Magicien, things are about to get increasingly difficult for this year’s Christmas list!

Cartier's Magicien

The Magic of Light or Magie Lumiere, includes high jewelry earrings, necklaces and bracelets, all of which were created using white gold, platinum, rock crystals, natural pearls, or diamonds. Next, Magie Dessin strands true to its name, as everything about these pieces seems to ooze magic, with platinum, emeralds, onyx, sapphire, and diamonds, helping them shine and overwhelm us.

Last but not least, Magie du Réel will seduce you with the help of white gold, black lacquer, beryls, green sapphires, chrysoberyls, tsavorite garnets, or diamonds. Tough choice, we know, but you should know that Cartier has also announced the launch of a mesmerizing silk clutch with a shoulder chain and clasp decoration. It’s time to enjoy magic!

Cartier's Magicien


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