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Signature de CHANEL is a new Sublime Jewellery Collection

By Victor Baker


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Signature de CHANEL

The House of Chanel needs no introduction, that’s exactly why the fashion world always pays attention whenever the French label introduces a new collection, be it about fashion and accessories, beauty or fine jewelry. Speaking of jewelry, the brand’s new “Singature” collection will leave you breathless in seconds.

Dedicated to the quilted pattern that has become the defining element of the Haute House, the Signature de CHANEL collection comprises forty-eight new pieces of fluid lines, beautiful curves and volumes, designed to gracefully wrap around your significant other’s necks, fingers or wrists.

Signature de CHANEL

Sensual and flexible, the 48 refined pieces, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and watches are part of ten themes. White gold and diamonds are at the heart of the collection, with azure blue sapphires and aquamarines adding a touch of color.

Pearls, grey mother-of-pearl marquetry and rock crystal act as finishing touches, transforming every piece into an irresistible fashion accessory. Mademoiselle Chanel dedicated her life to elegance and the quilted pieces of the Signature de Chanel collection attest the observation and style of the Great Lady of couture and haute jewelry.

Signature de CHANEL

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