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Bowmore’s 1961 50-Year-Old Single Malt Is Magic In A Bottle

By Victor Baker


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Bowmore 50 year old

When an ultra rare whiskey sells out of its limited run, enthusiasts from all over the world still hope for a few stray cases hanging around the distillery. And today is your lucky day as Bowmore, the oldest whiskey distillery on Islay, has put up for sale the last 50 bottles of its 1961 50-Year-Old single malt elixir.

This is actually the fourth year running that Bowmore has released 50 bottles of the 200 taken from the lone cask that made the half-century journey, so this is the final batch of a unique single malt whiskey. To commemorate the bittersweet occasion, Bowmore will offer a hand-blown bottle, featuring a sterling-silver neck collar and cork top made by Fattorini silversmiths.

Bowmore 50 year old

Encased in a gorgeous cabinet from Scottish Elmwood, handmade by master carpenter Peter Toaig, the exquisite whiskey will tease your senses with a fruit-forward rush of pears, apples, and peaches. Bowmore’s familiar smoky notes will be also complemented by a soft and smooth enough feeling.

But the farewell of the 1961 50-Year-Old is also an introduction to what will be a six-part series of 50-year-old Bowmore bottles, all distilled in the 1960s. This means there’s still a chance you will get to experience what superlatives taste like. In the meantime, please note that collectors who wish to own a complete set will have to pay $23,000 for the 1961. Enjoy!

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