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52 De Wet is a Great Private Hotel Overlooking Cape Town

By Brody Patterson


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Set on the coast of Cape Town, high on Lion’s Head Mountain in the affluent suburb of Bantry Bay, 52 De Wet offers its guests jaw-droppingly beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean and a captivating atmosphere of serenity and privacy.

Thanks to its superb natural setting, beautiful architecture, and excellent beaches, Cape Town is Africa’s most popular tourist destination – and an obligatory stop for any traveler who wants to see the best places in the world. Discerning travelers who want plenty of peace and quiet with their luxurious accommodation can choose a place like 52 De Wet, a classy establishment that feels more like a private guesthouse than a luxury hotel.

Offering just seven rooms, 52 De Wet makes sure each guest feels right at home. In addition to high-end amenities like flat screen TV’s, DVD players, Charlotte Rhys products, and Nespresso Machines, residents can also the excellent meals prepared by the Michelin trained cook. And after settling in and dining, all that’s left to do is to explore the wonderful place that is Cape Towns and its surroundings.

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