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$1.5 million trip to Space with Leonardo DiCaprio

Following his great success with The Great Gatsby, it looks like Leonardo diCaprio really desires to view the Earth from high up. And 37-year-old Russian Vasily Klyukin joins him, as he’s recently spent $1.5 million for a ticket to space, alongside the Hollywood star.

They’ll be carried into space by Virgin Galactic’s new commercial spaceship. The average cost of a trip on the ship is known to be around $200,000 for one spot, but it seems like the Monaco-based Russian wanted to do it in a rather exclusive manner. He has recently won the chance at a recent charity auction at the Cannes Film Festival.

Proceeds will reportedly be directed towards amfAR: Cinema against AIDS, hosted by amfAR, the Foundation for AIDS Research. Klyukin, accompanying Leonardo DiCaprio, will board the Virgin Galactic flight alongside another bidder who has spent $2.3 million on two additional tickets. Of course, what we see here is not a premiere – Ashton Kutcher had already paid for the occasion to be the 500th astronaut customer way before these fellows, while Katy Perry has gifted a $200,000 ticket to Russell Brand.



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