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The Hidden Beach in the Marieta Islands

By Brian Pho


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Even though its name clearly suggests seclusion, the Hidden Beach is in fact the most popular beach throughout Mexico. Found in the Marieta Islands, adjacently to Puerto Vallarta, this is one of the Earth’s most exclusive gifts for us, humans.

It has been shaping up for since many thousands of years ago, thanks to the local volcanic activity. The Hidden Beach is in fact a huge hole in the ground which, at its base, hosts a gorgeous, pristine sandy beach in contact with the crystal clear, turquoise waters of the “Bahía de Banderas”. It has managed to remain technologically-virgin, protected from civilization and exclusively accessible via a very narrow tunnel. Furthermore, it can only be reached in times of low tide and by swimming; it is in fact extremely hard to reach if you’re not a professional diver or swimmer.

What makes it all special, apart from its exclusivity, the Hidden Beach allows you to see the bottom of the ocean even though it is quite deep – yes, it is this clear! With such beauty in mind, wouldn’t you like to spend a few days in Puerto Vallarta and head to the Hidden Beach from time to time? The climate is perfect as well, due to its setting. Perfect!


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