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Zenith Defy Lab is the World’s Most Accurate Automatic Timekeeper

By Victor Baker


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Zenith Defy Lab

Ladies and gentlemen, the brand new Zenith Defy Lab is apparently the most accurate mechanical watch in the world right now, at least according to the chief at TAG Heuer; but many other experts seem to agree. The brilliant watchmakers from Zenith have managed to break mechanical-timekeeping barriers once again by developing a radically different oscillator, boasting a new design and materials, that should improve accuracy a lot.

The oscillator in Zenith’s Defy Lab is made from a special monocrystalline silicon, thus allowing the watch to work unaffected by extreme temperatures, magnetism, and lubrication. This approach basically replaces 31 components in a normal oscillator with just one, thus optimizing the energy used to tell time and keeping it light due to the few components involved.

Supported by many ultra tiny beams, this innovative oscillator does not flex too much; just plus or minus 6 degrees, which an incredible update from the potential 300 degree flex in a normal watch. It also beats at just 15 Hz, that’s more than three times faster than any standard mechanism, and this leads to a precision of 0.3 seconds per day, a whole lot better over the -4/+6 second chronometer standards.

Zenith Defy Lab

With its slightly large dimension and semi-reflective appearance, this stunning mechanism also creates an interesting visual effect, that’s complemented by an ultra light foam-like aluminum composite case. Unfortunately the Zenith Defy Lab will only adorm 10 very lucky wrists, but please note that Zenith is already thinking about optimizining the mechanism and implementing it into many other watches.

This will, in turn, determine other brands to swallow their pride and go for a new approach – yes, change can sometimes be for the better. In the meantime, we got no clue about the price-tag of this incredible watch – although the exclusivity it comes with will most likely not come cheap. This is the cost of luxury living, but it’s always worth it. Zenith will surely say so.

Zenith Defy Lab

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