Gucci’s Juvenilia Bag Honors the great Jane Austen

Gucci Juvenilia

It’s safe to assume that Jane Austen wasn’t daydreaming about any Gucci bags back in the 18th century; nonetheless, a small, pocket-sized book, with some of her short stories, will come with Gucci’s new Juvenilia, a gorgeous new handbag featuring a frame print leather top and a cool bamboo handle.

The collection of short stories, written by Austen between 1787 and 1793, will surely prove to be a fine read while you are accompanied by this incredible Gucci statement. But why did they go for this book? Maybe because e-Readers and other similar technological advancements seem way too futuristic for the likes of Jane Austin.

And by the way, it pays to be retro these days; but what do you call it when it’s another century?

Gucci Juvenilia

The wonderful Juvenilia handbag was completely made in Italy. Showing off a glossy leather look, complemented by a gold printed frame with an intricately braided pattern, this bag is an instant treat for our eyes. Its structured bamboo handle is contrasted by a roaring feline head, painted with colored enamel, while the sparkling crystals on it seem to follow you wherever you may go.

A detachable chain strap will allow you to wear this thing on your shoulder as well, and on the inside you will find a flower jacquard lining, a zipper pocket, and two open compartments. Delivered in special edition packaging, this exquisite bag is offered in black, white and red. Would Mrs. Austen love it?

Gucci Juvenilia