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Zaha Hadid Designed Two Incredible Residential Towers for Australia

By Victor Baker


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Zaha Hadid is the name associated with these amazing sinuous towers that will be constructed on Australia’s beautiful Gold Coast. Featuring a stunning design that just seems to come to life, this incredible pair of skyscrapers was commissioned by Sunland Group and, with 44 storey each, they are estimated to cost around AU $600 million.

That kind of money will include a chic 69-suite boutique hotel, a ground floor retail center and even an underground aquarium, as well as an art gallery, a museum and charming outdoor sculptural gardens. Oh, and have I mentioned the 370 luxurious apartments that will be also up for the grabs?

This staggering project is Zaha Hadid’s second project in Australia, first being a trio of skyscrapers designed for Brisbane’s riverfront that could be also seen in the photos below.

Hadid’s new towers from Australia’s Gold Coast were designed with a sense of flow and movement, featuring sculptural curved glass forms, reminiscent of muscle sinews. Considering the exquisite overall design and the stunning views these towers will provide, Hadid’s work will surely be appreciated by everybody.

The developers of this project, Sunland Group, state that these towers will soon become the city’s new cultural precinct dedicated to arts and style.

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