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You can’t Handle the Chiron-Inspired Bugatti Type 390 Watch

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Bugatti Type 390

The unique partnership between Swiss luxury watchmaker Parmigiani Fleurier and Bugatti has resulted in yet another spectacular timepeice, in the form of the Bugatti Type 390, a ravishing watch that reminds everyone just how exclusive and incredible the Bugatti Chiron Sport really is.

The 2018 Geneva International Motor Show was probably the best place to introduce this watch, where the Chiron Sport was on display for the very first time, featuring a stunning duo-tone color scheme of painted Italian Red and visible grey carbon fiber.

The Bugatti Type 390 watch adopts the Chiron Sport’s aesthetic theme, which is why it’s showing off the same duo-tone color scheme. The white gold case of the Bugatti Type 390 is now complemented by superb black carbon elements and a black nickel dial with red luminescent numerals.

Bugatti Type 390

The wonderful red strap boasts black stitching, thus completing the Bugatti Chiron Sport-inspired look. The horizontal cylindrical movement of the Bugatti Type 390 timepiece resembles the engine’s design, although it is worth mentioning that everything about the watch’s exterior and outer appearance can be also customized by customers who want a totally unique watch.

The client can even decide on the color of the sapphire crystals enclosing the movement, which means that everyone could end up displaying a different Bugatti watch, and even the ‘standard’ version will come with a high level of exclusivity. That’s all you need, right?

Bugatti Type 390

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